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" There is the ocean, wide and vast, teeming with all kinds of life…”said the psalmist. How can something so alive inspire so much peace?

Juniper Baryta Rag 305  (glossy finish) is a 100% cotton, true baryta (barium sulfate) fiber paper that offers the density of a traditional darkroom FB-type paper to hold detail in the deep blacks of the shadow regions, while producing natural white highlights that’s enhanced with a slight fiber glossy surface texture.

Smooth Rag 315g  (matte finish) is fourdrinier, acid-free, museum quality paper with a natural white finish and has smoothest all cotton paper surface. The richness of the natural shade of the cotton fibre creates a pleasing substrate when you are seeking added warmth to your fine art prints. Without added brighteners, you can be assured of long term color stability.

* The pictures  are designed to create an experience that is as close to photography as possible, which is why we do not have glass. The frame without glass gives us a more organic play with the space by not having the barrier of glass.

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