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What is the identity of your brand? We accompany you to discover it! We want to listen to you and advise you to generate a concept that encompasses the whole image: photography, video, production... We cover everything to make your life easier!





We love to capture the stories that each brand hides and reflect its essence through images. A good photo generates trust and closeness, it is also a perfect tool to communicate to your audience what and who you are, as a person or brand.


One of the best ways to showcase a product is through a living story.

Introduce the customer to the experience of your brand, immersing them in this fusion of image, movement and sound.

Rosay dia 23247.jpg


You've probably put off amazing projects because it's overwhelming to put together a good and complete team to make it happen. We do it for you! We take care of putting together the right people to carry out your ideas.


Rosary: IMPECCABLE, that is what defines White for us, a characteristic you see from the beginning of their creative process to the completion of each of the pieces, with which they dazzle us. When we began to determine what we wanted for our new campaign at Rosary, we immediately connected with White. They have their own aesthetic full of light that allowed us to be inspired from the beginning. The reading they did of our brand was also amazing, they found all the references of what we imagined and wanted to materialize. The experience during a full week of campaign that we had together was incredible, achieving without a doubt the boost we were looking for to level up our image: clean, impeccable and full of light!

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